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Why Outside Weddings Are So Popular

An inside wedding is great, sure, but it’s not incredible, is it? It’s no secret that people like their weddings to blow people away; they like them to astonish and wow. And while an inside wedding has done this in the past, we truly believe that its day has come. In our current age, people like to define their own experiences; there’s a natural habit of carving your own personality onto experiences. It never used to be like that, but it is now. And naturally, weddings, like the ones we facilitate, have changed in due course.

We’re the proprietors of this change within the wedding industry. We enable a day where your personality is undeniably apparent. A church, although a setting with a larger-than-life feeling, is not something you can stamp your identity on – such is the price for the larger-than-life setting. With us, however, it’s open. It’s there for your definition; a blank canvas, where the palette is your desires and identity.

All is well saying this, but exactly why and how is this the case? Oh, do let us tell.

Room For Whatever You Want

There are no confines to a Beautiful Tent Company wedding. With traditional weddings and all that they entail, you are restricted by boundaries; physical and intangible. Physically, there is a limit to have what you wish. A hall can only be so large. Want a very large space? You have to compromise of the quality of the venue and vice versa. When your wedding’s in a Beautiful Tent, streaming out onto the beautiful countryside; your own garden; any sort of gorgeous greenery, you have more space than you’ll ever need. A wonderful benefit of Marquee hire Devon.

That Festival Feel

The intangible? Well, with a traditional wedding there is an unsaid set of rules – wedding etiquette, if you will. A Beautiful Tent wedding, not so much. This is where you can splash your identity to the day. In the past we’ve had candy floss machines there. We’ve had people curate their own cocktail menu for the day, each option themed around friends, family, and relationship-based memories. We’ve had sporting events throughout the day. These weddings are fun. They’re modern. They’re you.

Marquee Hire Devon

Oh, The Beauty

And on top of all that, you get to bask in the sun! Nothing better than feeling the sun on the back of your neck, especially when they have those delicious, personable cocktails ready for your taking. Come evening? If you opt for our fairy lights package (as seen below), your wedding will be one that people won’t forget fast.

The Beautiful Tent Company – Marquee Hire Devon

You create beauty, we home it. That’s what we do. All we want to do is add to your endless list of incredible memories, hopefully one of the best of them. Actually, scrap that, definitely one of the best. We’ll make your day incredible – better than you ever thought it could be. Want to run through your ideas? Give us a call. We’re more than happy to talk to any of our customers.

A message to all our beautiful couples, suppliers and event planners..

We hope that you and your loved ones remain safe and well. We know that the last 12 months has been tough. The impact of Covid-19 has been huge on individuals, families and businesses.