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Ways to Make Your Wedding Unique

People like to be different, that’s a fact. No one wants their wedding day to remind guests of a previous wedding they went to. It’s your day; you want it to be distinctly you, don’t you? Understandably so, we must add. Obviously, a surefire way to separate your wedding is to use our wedding marquee hire – a charming, unique path in order to make it a distinctive day. However, we won’t be so self-indulgent to simply suggest that – it’s unbecoming to do so, we’ll suggest some other ideas for you.


Guestbooks don’t only implore the attendees, on a day when they’re feeling extra sentimental and perhaps a little merry, to pour their heart out, it also is a nice way to archive the day. And not only that, it also gives the guests a reason to mingle – they’ll be discussing their your-relationship-orientated memories with people they’ve just met, which is always a fun situation!

Get Creative With Your Cake

A tiered white cake. Yawn. You don’t want that, no, not at all! We’ve noticed people use the cake as the centrepiece of their wedding. How? Well, they themed the wedding and them made the centre the purveyor of said theme.

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Very often receptions and weddings either get some dire local DJ or an equally terrible cover band. It’s a tested and proven formula, yes, so if you want to play it safe go for that. We recommend that. However, for those who want to stand out, those who want to break the status quo, have a deep think about what music you’d like and push the boat out.

Personal Cocktails

Cocktails centred on the memories of relationship and your friendships with the attendees, a personable way to give your wedding a distinct identity. We’ve seen cocktails named Bald Fashioned, described as the groom’s favourite who was also, surprisingly, bald.

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There a few routes you can take with this one, our favourite that we’ve seen is perhaps having a caricature artist there for your all-important day. Guests can have their faces drawn throughout the day, comparing their own to others and sharing a few laughs. With our wedding marquee hire and our expert advice on how to run a wedding, your day will be the most joy-filled you’ve ever experienced – without the stress, too.

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We want to ensure you the best day of your life. Whether we do that with the advice we endow or the wedding marquee hire we supply, either way we’re happy; as said, we just want to ensure you the best day possible. If you are interested in our wedding marquee hire, give us a call – we can begin the dialogue of the best day of your life.

A message to all our beautiful couples, suppliers and event planners..

We hope that you and your loved ones remain safe and well. We know that the last 12 months has been tough. The impact of Covid-19 has been huge on individuals, families and businesses.